Precious in the eyes of the Lord

Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew

Psalm 116:15 stated, “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful”. Truly indeed the death of St. Pedro Calungsod and Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores was valuable before the Lord for the many facts that testified to this.

First, there was the scarcity of legitimate documents. Second, their remains were nowhere to be found. Lastly, the process for the cause for their canonization and beatification respectively did not happen a year later but only in the 20th century, 300 years after their death. This verifies what the psalmist said that the just man is always remembered and his ways are to be trusted. There were only 6 relics presented during the canonization rite because St. Pedro didn’t have any because he was thrown to the sea. This means that the whole waters were his relic as well as not to be possessed singularly and that his greatness will be known throughout the earth. It took only 26 years before he was canonized, short term for a man who don’t have any records. Many predicaments before Santo Pedro was canonized yet  at last this lad from the Visayas was elevated to the altar of the Lord and numbered one of the canonized saints of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The Lord is always faithful in his word and he will grant You your heart’s desires and we all know St. Pedro desired for heaven― “how lovely is your dwelling place O Lord!”

By Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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