Faithful to the end

One of the best arguments possible in favor of belief in our immortality is given by Jesus Himself in His conversation with the Sadducees (cf. Lk 20:27-40). It points out to the reality that God does not abandon those He cared for. It is very logical. Since He is the source and giver of all life, why would He take back the gift of life once He has granted it? If take back what He has granted, He would not be true to His nature as the God who can neither deceive nor be deceived and as “the way, the truth, and the life.” He is the God of truth and so everything that He says is absolutely true, when he gives, he means it to the maximum, no strings attached. It is to the recipient to decide what he is going to do about the gift. There, in that area is where everything varies.

Let us remember what St. Paul writes to the Romans. He says “The gifts and the call of God is irrevocable” (Rm 11:29). That is why, even though Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have experienced physical death, they can never lose altogether the initial gift of life that God bestowed on them. They must be still alive somehow, somewhere. God is the God of creation and He has planned everything according to His wisdom and knowledge. He is the God of the living and not of corpses. These words of Jesus should suffice to give us assurance on the issue of our immortality. Let us remember that Jesus did not die for us so that we would end up as pile of dusts.

St. Pedro Calungsod is one of the tangible proofs on this kind issue. His legacy as a lay missionary will continue to the end of times. He died a physical death yet he lives in heaven because he spent that gift of life for the cause of his Giver. His faithfulness to Him is sealed with his blood and a sure sign that he imitated Christ until his last breath. His body wasn’t found, yet his memory lives on with those who witnessed the incident and is written so we could get some examples out of it. God never left him for he clung to Him to the end and God rewarded His faithful servant with life everlasting. May Christ reward us, too, to see Him in heaven when our time comes. Amen.

by Angelico M. Lamigo (KNMC)

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