The Perpetual Calvary

Mary wept and suffered at the foot of the Cross. What must her feeling of sorrow be when she sees her Son still outraged, and treated on our altars with even more contempt than on Calvary?

Observing those who attended the Liturgy nowadays, we can see that they are somehow short of preparation because of, may be they have lots of preoccupation or may be not disposed of attending, yet they are there for just an obligation and not for real essence of devotion alone. On the other hand, what can we say about St. Pedro Calungsod’s devotion towards the Liturgy of the Eucharist? What must be his disposition in attending and receiving the Sacrament? His full generosity in serving the Mass is obviously observed because of his deep devotion to the Blessed Mother. Only in this way one can be suitably disposed in that sense. Without this St. Pedro never reached that kind of sanctity had he only show little affection to the Sacrament and to the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother wept even until now because of the disrespect of the faithful to the Eucharist. The ungrateful hearts of men still continue to pierce the heart of Mary and this was shown in Her apparition at Fatima. This is the reality nowadays. But St. Pedro altered this by showing the faithful in the mission how he piously attended all their spiritual functions. Do we do the same? Can we become the good example of holy disposition during the Mass? Are we aware of what we are doing inside the Church?

Here is the story that somehow gives us the idea of how abominable it is to stand in front of the Almighty in the state of mortal sin.

Sister Mary of the Crucifix, of Palma in Sicily, heard a trumpet blast like thunder sound forth at the moment when a sacrilegious priest was about to say Mass, and these words were heard: “Ultio, poena, dolor!” “Vengeance, chastisement, torture!” And she beheld an angel with sword in hand ready to smite the wretch. When he pronounced the words of Consecration, it seemed to her that Jesus, meek as a lamb, allowed Himself to be torn to pieces by this cruel wolf. But when he came to the Communion the heavens became darkened, the angels around the altar wept; and the Blessed Mother stood near her Son weeping also, and lost in the depths of the unfathomable sorrow caused by the death of her most innocent Jesus, as well as by the loss of this ungrateful son who dared to sacrifice Him in so cruel a manner. (St Alphonsus de’ Liguori, Selva.)


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