Example over Reason

St. Pedro,PRAY FOR US!

St. Pedro,PRAY FOR US!

“Sigh”. This could be the natural reaction of the anti-RH advocates last Monday due to the passing of the hot and intriguing Reproductive Health Bill. For almost 14 years, the Pro –Life Movement had battled enough that this bill may not be passed because this will bring a curse in our land. The passing of this bill was due to the toils of the arrogant and egocentric politician whose interest was “for the masses” but in reality was for their own. For them they possessed “reasons” that were in line of man’s free will of choosing of what’s good for man yet it were basically for human destruction.  On the other hand, St. Pedro’s exemplary life is a very powerful tool against the pride-inflated mind of our legislators because he subjected his will on God’s Will.

We should live an exemplary life because this will remain forever as what the psalmist said that the life of a holy man is always remembered. Our politicians must leave moral-based legacies guided by the wisdom of the Church and not by their own mere human reasoning because the Church is for the people and not for hers alone. They should follow the life of St. Pedro Calungsod who is humble and submissive to the directions of the Holy Mother Church thus he obtained the highest attainment man can achieve— Sainthood.  There were great figures in the past but where are they NOW? They were buried in the cabin of the Forgotten.

May the Blessed Mother help us to be a good example for others with St. Pedro’s intercession.

Ave Maria!

By: Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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