St. Pedro and the Season of Lent

lent_christAs we are on the Lenten season we as Catholic Christians must intensify and deepen our spiritual life in order for us to be well-prepared in the “Alleluias” of Easter; prepared enough to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, the Victor over sin and death. We must do our Lenten observances not for the sake of it but by charity as what St. Maximilian Mary said that “Love is creative” and by that creativity, generosity comes. Generous to give more than what is necessary like St. Pedro who in his tender age submits himself to perpetual mortifications and austere penances which made him triumphant over the wiles of the infernal enemy and the threats of the apostates. Are we that generous like St. Pedro who renounces everything from self-will down to the comforts of life?

May Our Lady help us to realize that worldly comforts are stumbling blocks to obtain Eternal life if we are so much attached to them. As Our Lady walks with Jesus on the way to Calvary, may we unite ourselves to the sufferings of Jesus and Mary apprehending that in this world nothing has value except God and God alone. May in this Lenten season, God in His love and mercy bestowed on us the grace to die to oneself through the intercession of St. Pedro Calungsod.  Amen!

Ave Maria!

By Crisanto M. Camacho (KNMC)

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