In the Guise of a Sheep

day veelIn the Gospel, our Blessed Lord strongly summoned his disciples about the “false prophets” who in the appearance of a sheep is a wild wolf inside. There are lots of theologian nowadays who we may say that they are “shepherding” the faithful but in reality by their ill-teaching about the Church led many souls to the pits of hell. Prudence is needed in order for us to know the real ones. How?  By the fruits we can know them.  A good tree bears good fruit; a rotten tree bears bad fruit. We know that a tree produces “good fruit” because by the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit they live holy lives, a life consumed for God’s service like the life of St. Pedro. Saint Pedro who knew Christ’s teaching by heart led him to his death, an authentic proof of the fullness of life for God.

May Our Lady, the Hammer of Heresy, defend us from the erroneous teachings of the “false prophets” of our times.  As we move forward in this Year of Faith , may the intercession of St. Pedro help us to discern  what is a genuine Catholic teachings abiding in  Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scriptures and Magisterium of the Church so that like him we may be holy and sanctified.

Ave Maria!

by: Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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