Loving the Tradition

images (9)As the Holy Mother Church grows in grace and journeying for almost three millennia she upholds the beauty and splendor of the Sacred Traditions which was handed by the Apostles to her through their predecessors. The pulchritude of the Sacred Liturgy is one of the sign of the Church’s fecundity as a result of the perpetual and simultaneous prayer and supplication of the Church. This is a gift of God to man and man to God. A gift given to us so priceless, heavenly and celestial that only eternity can speak its magnificence and grandeur. This is the very reason why Saint Pedro totally gave himself to the Church because he understood the significance of this reality. Now in heaven, he taste the heavenly sweetness contained in the mystery of the Sacred Liturgy.

May the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Liturgy, help us grow in loving the Tradition like She did, pondering it in her heart and placing all in Her sweet caress. As we sail along to the horizon of spiritual perfection in this Year of Faith we may cherished everything that the Holy Mother Church is treasuring for centuries-ago, the glory of the Sacred Tradition. May the prayers of St. Pedro help us value the beauty and the worth of this so noble a Liturgy.

Ave Maria! +

By: Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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