Saint Pedro Calungsod: The Moment of Rejoicing!

PEDRO KO12It has been a year ago when Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI canonized Blessed Pedro Calungsod elevating and numbering him to be one of the canonized Saints in the Church. This brings a great jubilation to the Filipino nation especially to the Visayas. God in His goodness designs us to be productive and fruitful in the state of life that He wants for us; in the same manner, Saint Pedro Calungsod was chosen to be an instrument to proclaim the Good News of Christ to the Islands of Landrones now Guam. His death together with Blessed Diego Luis resulted to the conversion of the people of Guam to Christianity who in this present day they celebrated with elation and thanksgiving.

Our hearts are full of gratitude to God for giving us Saint Pedro to be a paradigm of a true Christian hero.  He led others to live a virtuous life by his examples especially of that of purity. He was like a living image of the Beatitudes for he grasped the meaning of the teachings of the Divine Master in the deepest recess of his soul. He captivated the hearts of all chiefly to the youth and children for his exceptional fortitude and steadfastness. May we abide St. Pedro’s courage in defending our Faith and loving others in a manner God’s desires to be.

As we celebrate this day with gaiety and merriment because of our brother in the Faith had championed sin and death, let us unite ourselves to the Mother of God, the Queen of All the Saints and the Queen of Martyrs. May Her prayers and maternal influence enables us to do what is good, pleasing and perfect in God’s sight like St. Pedro. As we move along, sailing to the end of the Year of Faith may we have a matured faith, ripe and ready to be shared to others.

Viva Santo Pedro Calungsod!

Ave Maria!

by: Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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