Saint Pedro and the Year of the Laity

lityIt has been 2 years already when our beloved Saint Pedro was exalted on the altars of sanctity and numbered as one of the canonized saints in the Roman Catholic Church. This year, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) officially launched the Year of the Laity with the theme, “Filipino Lay Catholic: Called to be Saints, Sent forth as Heroes”.  There is a need of uplifting the spirit of the lay faithful so that they may persevere in serving the Holy Mother Church despite of the hardships and tribulations that may come their way. Gazing their eyes to Saint Pedro, they must abide in the fidelity and constancy that this Saint showed to the world by his oblation of love. Tirelessly, Saint Pedro preached the Word of God to the natives of Ladrones Island even if it means death and by this we must follow his examples.

May the Immaculate Virgin Mary, mold us to become Saints that as we are sent forth to propagate God’s word we can be true “heroes” in the spiritual life capable of combating evil and accomplishing good works. Still we are on the Lenten Season, we may always reminded of our observances not as a heavy load but a “positive option” as what Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI said that we may always do the Will of God in our lives through it. May the prayers of the sweet Saint Pedro Calungsod guides us to the ports of heaven that together with him we will praise our good God there together Our Lady, the Angels and the Saints.

Ave Maria!

by:  Crisanto Ma. Camacho (KNMC)

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