On Holy Purity

640_20121019_6.jpgPornography. Rape. Promiscuity. Sexual Abuse. Fornication. Homosexual acts. Bestiality. These the world is full of nowadays! It abruptly escalates and is flourishing without shame especially to the young and innocents. Why? Because there are two main factors that contributes to this. One, is the lack of reverence to God. Acknowledging that God is to be worshiped and adored our hearts are purified and sanctified. Thus, it makes us love what is pure and chaste for God is pure and chaste Himself. Revering God includes prayer, living with the Sacraments, tireless daily offering of sacrifices and other spiritual activities. Second, is the lack of love in the family. Love must be felt first at home, the sanctuary of love and life as what Saint John Paul II said. If there is enough love in the family, purity and chastity is not wanting and lacking, for true love is for purity and chastity. It respects the dignity of others as it respects the dignity to self.

Purity is achieved by loving God first and followed by loving our neighbors. This is basic! Without these considerations nothing is attainable. Saint Pedro loves God above all things. His love for God enables him to remain a virgin and chaste. Tempted by the devil yet he never succumbed to its wiles and allures. Thanks to the Blessed Mother, the love of his life, he was able to defeat Satan’s filthy suggestions. During his time, there was a rampant immoral practices by the male locals yet his overabundant love for neighbors shielded him from this immoralities. Respect is a form of love. He treated everyone as God’s likeness, respected them  as God’s images.

May the Immaculate Mother, help us in our struggle for purity. For only the pure can see God. This very virtue is dear to God’s heart for it resembles His majestic holiness and perfection. Saint Pedro, pray for our young that they may be examples of outshining purity to others through you, their model.

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